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Purple M-5

Purple M-5
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Price: 194.00лв.
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Model: Acustica audio Acqua
Manufacturer: Acustica Audio
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Use the PurpleM5 midrange equalizer to fine-tune this crucial frequency range in your mixes, while injecting unmistakable vintage vibe. The M5 exists for everything between 200Hz and 7kHz. That’s where your vocal tracks are most vibrant, where your guitars have girth and body, and  where mixes can either shine or fall flat. In classic vintage EQ fashion, you get two bands of midrange boost and one attenuation band….All you need to add amazing mojo to any track with the PurpleM5 midrange equalizer.

Purple M-5 is an Acqua plugin based on CORE8, the revolutionary upgraded multithreading technology by Acustica.
It is an optimization of Core7 in terms of high performance, it introduces new important features ( FIR-IIR algorithmic sidechain and predisposition for FIR-IIR clipper) allows to optimize performance of Acqua plug-ins.

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Purple M-5
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